Install & Configure Visual Studio 2017 Community For Use with C#

Watch the video or read the tutorial below.

In this, first tutorial in the learning C#.NET series we will download and install Visual Studio 2017 Community edition and configure it for use with C#.NET. I will give you all the information you need to be able to do this as the tutorial unfolds. So first of all open your favourite browser and type visual studio into the search bar, it is normally the first option after any ads but if you don't see it then just go to

Click Downloads

There are a number of different versions of visual studio 2017, the Enterprise and Professional editions are paid for and the Code version is for developing on systems other than windows. The one we want is the one on the left, Community edition, press "Free Download" under Visual Studio Community 2017.

Once the download window appears press "Save File" or your browsers equivalent to download the VS 2017 Community setup file. Run the file once it has downloaded.

The installer program will require admin privileges to proceed, press Yes.

Extracting files....please wait....

Agree to the license terms by clicking Continue

Wait while the main installer is downloaded.....

Once the main installer is open we need to wait for a minute or two....

This is the main installation page on which there are a number of options to choose from with regards to what components we want to install. In the tutorials I will be doing I will talk about three main types of windows development. 1 - Windows desktop development, 2 - ASP.NET web development and 3 - Game development with Unity, for this reason select the three options shown in the next two images:

.NET Desktop Development
ASP.NET and Web Development and
Game Development with Unity

Configure as above and press Install

The install will begin as above and may take a few hours to complete depending on the power of your computer and the speed of your internet connection.

Takes quite a while....still waiting....

Once complete press "Launch", if you are running a non-admin account and had to put in an admin password at the start then close the installer and start visual studio from the start menu shortcut otherwise you will open visual studio under the admin account and not your own.


At this point you can choose to sign in to Microsoft's cloud services or not, if you don't want to just click "Not now, maybe later" but I would advise doing it since it allows you to sync your settings to every instance of visual studio which can be helpful. It is of course up to you though, for the sake of this tutorial I will not login and we will proceed without it.

Select the theme that you want for your visual studio experience, I like the dark theme but it is up to you. Also set the Development Settings to Visual C# and once your ready hit "Start Visual Studio".

Once open goto Tools/Options

The only options that I configure are line numbers and word wrap in the "All Languages" section as seen above, these two options i find invaluable but take your time and go through the options to see what you want to do, once ready hit OK. That's it, everything is now ready for us to use. In the next tutorial we will, as is tradition, create a "Hello World" program using windows forms during which we will learn our way around the Visual Studio 2017 Community interface. So until next time. Enjoy.