Writing is and has been for a long time a way of both recording important events but also passing on important information to the next generation. It is a tool that has allowed us to have first hand witness accounts of particular historical events that still play an integral part in defining our world today. Without writing we would still be in the stone age. I have written only one book if you don't count my PhD thesis and I must say that although it was difficult and there were times that I wanted to give up, I am happy that I persevered and now have a complete published work under my belt. I am currently writing or thinking about writing a further 9 books and so my career as an author is far from over. Given time and with the slow consistent progress of writing a page or two a day I will get my books written and I will get them published so it is with this resolute determination that I offer the following information to you to help you start your own writing career. Please take the ideas I present here and turn them into something amazing. Thank you for coming to my website and I hope you find something useful.

Tutorial 1 - What to write about
Tutorial 2 - When is the right time to write your book
Tutorial 3 - How to write your book
Tutorial 4 - Self-publishing on Amazon