What to Write About

Writing should be an enjoyable experience both for the reader but also for the author. We must then write about something that we are emotionally invested in and it must be something that we are knowledgable about. We all have a unique life experience, we all travel a unique path and it is this story that we must tell others so that they can learn from it and grow because of it. One person's experience in this world is as valuable as any others and it is important that everyone get a chance to tell theirs. Writing your own book about your life or something in it that enthralls you is something that not enough people do. The simple fact of the matter is that what you write about is something that helps you by writing about it as much as it may help the reader. So to answer the question: write about what drives you and why, write about what makes you sad, write about what you love and foremostly write about what inspires you to move forward in the face of adversity, what makes you get up after being knocked down and try again until you achieve that goal, reach that point in life and become who you've always dreamed of being. Life's journey is about suffering, how we deal with it and how we reach the time after the suffering is over. It is this story that you must tell so that humanity may benefit from your experience and your wisdom.

Below are a few ideas for you to use to get your first book out.

An Autobiography - Your Life Story

- Every life is unique and every life-story is as important as the next. From the moment we enter this world until the second we leave, we have an effect. An effect on those around us, an effect on the world as a whole. This effect can be profound or in many instances it may be something that is not felt until after death. Whatever the effect is, the story needs to be shared. For some it will be a story of inspiration and for others it will be a story that serves as a guide for what not to do, whatever it's purpose it is essential that it be known and that the truth of the situation be allowed to disseminate without being held back or manipulated. There are quite literally so many lies in this world that the truth can sometimes be difficult to locate but there is something about the truth when it is finally discovered. It presents us with an idea that can sometimes have a profound effect on us both emotionally and psychologically. The truth is something that cannot be ignored and that deep down inside us we know that it is genuine. The truth can be so powerful that it cannot be denied and it cannot be defeated, this is why all through our history we have seen the truth conquer and prevail so many times. In the end the truth will win.

So the question becomes: what truth do you want to share with the world?

Your story can help inspire people to achieve and to conquer in their own lives. There are a number of situations in my own life where the ideas presented to me by another helped me continue to move forward even in the face of adversity. Sometimes just a few simple words from someone else's point of view gave me direction and strength. This is what you can achieve by writing your own story. All you have to do is make the choice to create that book, it may take time and it will be difficult but the first step is to decide that at some point in the future you will see your life story in print and I can tell you it is an amazing feeling when you finally have it in your hands. So when you are ready to make a start, move onto my next tutorial at the link at the bottom of the page or read on for more ideas about what to write.

A Single Experience

- Your book doesn't have to be about your entire life story, maybe there was a single experience in your life that was so strong, so significant, that telling others about it is something that feels absolutely necessary. Whether this is a positive experience or a negative one, telling the story may help others who may be in a similar position or are about to embark on a similar journey. They may have to make a difficult choice and having the counsel of someone who has been there may help them greatly. Whatever the reason, writing about your experience is a very rewarding venture and something that I would definitely recommend. The important point is to take your time and work out what you want to tell people because you are the teacher here and you are educating the reader about your experiences. You are the expert on your life and it is up to you to pass on that knowledge to your readers in a way that helps them to understand what the experience was truly like. What situation occurred, who was involved, what did they say and do, how did their words and actions make you feel, what were your thoughts and how did your life change. These are a few of the questions that you will need to answer in order to teach your readers about your experience and by doing this then you connect with them on an emotional level and that is what the author/reader relationship is about. Once you have made them feel sad at the bad bits and happy at the good bits and once they put the book down and feel that their life has changed for the better by reading it you have had success with your mission to add positively to the human story. The power of the written word should not be underestimated and putting your story to paper creates a positive contribution to society and the world at large.

A Hobby or Interest

- What do you do for relaxation when you have a little time to yourself? I personally have a number of creative hobbies that I like to spend time on. I have decided to take all my knowledge and put it on this website which will take a long time but I enjoy working on it bit by bit. The other sections of this site should give you an idea of what it is exactly that I like doing and may even give you some inspiration on something that you might be interested in. The point being, take some time and work out something you can do in your spare time that gives you fulfillment and make sure that you allocate some time, even if its just an hour a week, to doing this activity on a regular basis.

Your Work

- Maybe you're the CEO of a major multinational company that provides products and services to millions of people around the world or maybe you own a family run bakery on your local high street. Whatever it is, the story of how you set it up and run it could be important to someone else. The ideas that you generated and the problems that you solved may help someone else who might be in a similar position to where you were many years ago. The knowledge that we each have is important, more so than we may realise. I cannot stress enough the importance of passing on your experience and wisdom to others and a book might just be the best way to do that. I would never advise that you set out to write a bestseller because very few books ever achieve that but if you write about what you love and what you know then I guarantee you will find an audience and you will gain a sense of satisfaction from that. The question to ask is: "what do you have to teach", and if you have an answer to that question then it is time to put pen to paper.

Family Matters

- Everyone has one and everyone has stories to tell about them. Some of these stories may be good and some bad. No matter what form these stories take they just might find the right person at the right time and provide them with the information they need at that moment to deal with a problem they are facing. This might just be a life-changing moment for them and it would be directly because you told your story that it was possible. Family matters, by definition, crosses generations and can involve ideas, actions and choices that have an immeasurable effect on us and the people we love. Telling the story of our family is generally done as a side note to another story. In the books that I have read there have been extra sections that detail the main story from the point of view of a relative and how it affected them, what part they played and the resulting effect on the author. It may be that you don't write a book that is specifically about your family but whatever story you tell it can be a good idea to add a section about your families' contribution and how it affected them and in turn was affected by them. This can make the story more relatable and more genuine since many of the ideas that you will discuss will be ideas that the reader may have experienced themselves.

Life at University/College or Even School

- For me, my time at school was not a happy one, it was tough and it was tough for some very specific reasons that I won't go into here. There are many challenges that we face as children growing up in our culture that can be difficult to deal with, more so since we have not yet developed the emotional skills do so. That was my problem, I didn't know what to do and I didn't have anyone to ask. This situation is not unique to me, there are many people who find themselves in situations where they don't know how to escape and if you have experienced this in your life and if you found a way to deal with it and move on then your story should be given to those who have not yet managed it. You may see a common theme in the things I say, in that, I believe stories are there to help those who need the benefit of your experience and wisdom. Books can provide this and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to think that someone was helped by my story and that maybe they escaped their struggle due to the knowledge imparted from mine. My university life was by far much better than my school life, in fact, the academic year from 1998 to 1999 was quite simply the best year of my life so far. Unfortunately I became schizophrenic soon after but I have always remembered that time with great fondness. When I come to write my autobiography I will compare my experiences from school and university, detailing the differences in my experience and my personality and I will discuss my life at those two times to see what I learned from both of them. They were crucial points in my life that have helped form my perception today and although, for the most part, I have left the pain behind those experiences are still a fundamental part of me that will never be forgotten. School and university are important times in a young persons life and only good can come from you sharing your experiences with others whether they be good or bad.

Your Dreams & How to Fulfill Them

- I've heard people say that happiness is the purpose of life and gaining it is their goal. I disagree with this. Happiness is incidental. If you can deal with life's problems, and there will be many, without getting hurt in the process and if you can achieve your goals and if you can find people to share your life who can fulfill your emotional needs while you fulfill theirs then happiness will just occur as a consequence of these achievements. Chasing happiness is doomed to failure if you don't have the emotional development to deal with problems. This is the most important idea on the list, life is suffering and this is the same for everyone but if you can continue to move forward, even in the face of adversity and if you know what you are aiming for then with enough time you will be successful and this is where happiness lives. Once you have achieved enough times and once you understand the process of how to achieve then putting these ideas to paper along with you own personal experience of it is the right thing to do. I've read a few self-help books in my time and they all have a common thread running through them: believe you will be successful, keep going until you are, get up when you fall and try to be positive about yourself and your future. By doing this many people around the world now live the life they have dreamt of and as difficult as it may be to believe this success is available to everyone.


- There are many platforms these days with which to tell your story and I advise you to search for and find the one that is right for you. I enjoy writing and there is a strong sense of satisfaction when you see the finished copy of your book in your hands. I would definitely advise giving it a shot but do remember it does take time and effort and will power but as always persevere and you will be successful.