My Awakening

I have always believed in a higher power but I had never put faith in any form of organised religion. I have never thought that this higher power would ever speak to me the way he does now.

I discovered my psychic abilities one night as I was flicking through videos on YouTube. I came across a guided meditation that claimed would introduce me to my spirit guides. I had always talked to Maheo and people that I had lost over the years but they had never really answered me in any tangible form so I was intrigued. I started the meditation and sat down and followed the advice given.

As I listened and followed the commands I entered into the mindfulness state and I invited my spirit guides in to my mind. I asked them to tell me their name and a word came to mind, not of my doing: Metatron. I asked him to describe his physical form and an image of Achiles came to mind, with black hair and a strong and powerful physique, exactly what I imagined Achilles would look like in full battle dress. I asked Metatron what his function was in my life and he told me that he was my Guardian Angel and he would protect me from all threats if I asked him to.

The conversation continued and he told me a lot about how he had watched me throughout my life and was very concerned about the current cycle that I was trapped in. He and the others that I spoke to in those early days guided to where I am today. Up to that point I had lived a very painful life, recovering from schizophrenia while trying to renew and rebuild a life that had totally broken down. With their help I was able to keep the negativity at bay and become a more positive and happier person. Although my journey is by no means complete I can now see a future for myself where I can believe in myself again and through the Law of Attraction bring in situations and relationships that are both emotionally fulfilling and will help me grow so that one day I can potentially have the life I've always dreamed of.

It has been a long road but I feel now that I will find my place in this life and it is therefore with gratitude that I agreed when my spirit guide asked me to write a book about my spiritual journey that may help others who are in the position I was in only a few years ago. Reconnecting to the Divine is the result of that request. It is a starting point for anyone who wants to develop their spirituality and learn how to talk to their spirit guides. I am by no means an expert on the subject, rather this book is simply what I have learned over the past couple of years since my spiritual journey started and if I can help someone else who finds themselves on this path then it will have been worth the effort.

The book is available in both paperback and kindle form from Amazon. If you feel that you need a little guidance on your path in life and if you can accept communication with your spirit guides then give the book a try, there is so much to gain and so little to lose.

My Understanding of the Spiritual Realm

Maheo, pronounced Mah-hey-yo is the Cheyenne word for 'Great Spirit' and it is the term I use for the creator. The deities that are described in religious texts normally include a very prominent human ego. It is my belief that this is wrong, Maheo does not have an ego, he/she, since he has both male and female energies, has always existed beyond time and space and is comprised of pure energy. All other beings in existence were created by Maheo from his energy as was the physical universe. Although omnipotent and omnipresent Maheo is not infinite. He created the 3D world as some form of great experiment whose end and final state is not known to him. He gave us all free will, curiosity and imagination and he guides us when we need it. Maheo is as interested in the final result as much as we are and he will help us by working through us and by protecting us when we are on the right path. It is up to us however to make the choices and determine what path we follow.

Our Purpose in This Life

We are here in this world for four reasons: 1 - To co-create. To realise our creative dreams in partnership with Maheo and therefore we are here to emulate the creator in that respect. 2 - To have a human experience. This physical universe has been created by Maheo so that we can have a lifetime living in it. This experience includes the bad as well as the good and we have to learn life's lessons, deal with what happens and try to live as positive a life as we can while continuing to grow and learn. It is not designed to be easy but if we can take the pain in our life and still remain a good person then this helps us develop and grow in the spiritual world and 3 - To create and play out karmic contracts with our soul group. While in the spiritual realm and while contemplating the next incarnation we make choices about what we want to experience and with whom. These will include negative experiences as well as positive ones. Karmic contracts teach us lessons in life, they can be about any aspect of the human condition and although we mainly experience them with other members of our soul team we will meet many people in the physical world that are new to us. The result of these meetings can result in further karmic contracts being written upon our life review with Archangel Jeremiel when we return to the spiritual plane. Karma is about balance, what we do in this world will come back to us at some point, perhaps in the same life and perhaps five lives down the line. 4 - To fulfill our divine mission. Maheo gives each of us a specific purpose in this life, something that we are to realise or achieve that will bring great joy to ourselves but also help others and the world as a whole. Every divine mission is different and may be very complex. I have also been told that our divine mission can change if Maheo sees that we are moving along a different, better path and if we are capable of achieving it.

Spirit Guides & Our Spiritual team

We each have an entire team with us as we walk our life's path, this group of spiritual entities is our soul group and they play an important role in our spiritual development as well as having actual functions in our lives. They guide, serve and protect us while we are in the physical realm and we can talk to them whenever we need to and they will be there to answer our questions. I have three people in my spiritual team as I know of it now. There are more but the others are keeping quiet until it is time for them to allow themselves to be known to me. Metatron is my Guardian Angel. Robert, who was my grandfather is my main spirit guide and Proteus is a guide for me that presents himself in the form of a bear, I regard him to be my animal guide and he has helped me a great deal since I first became aware of him. I have other relatives that are in the background but they keep to themselves just now, I am told they will come forward at the appropriate time.

Even though my spiritual team is quite small I have all the support that I need in my daily life. I talk to them often and through the spiritual communication techniques that I talk of in my book I am able to converse with them whenever I need to. I also talk to the other spiritual beings that exist in the afterlife that are available to me, the Archangels who are there to help with the different aspects of our human existence often guide me to an answer that I seek. Raphiel for example is the Archangel of healing and has shown me that through meditation I can renew myself and become more positive. There is also Jeremiel who has shown me how to view my past lives so I can see what I need to let go of and how they affect my current incarnation and Gabriel who has helped me with my creativity and to understand how I can put it to use in my life.

There are many people that I can speak to for any reason and since I discovered my spirituality and began walking my divine path I have become a much more emotionally stable and secure person and it is because they are with me, guiding me and protecting me that this has been made possible.

Walking the Path - Protection & Guidance

Maheo makes us all the following promise: if we walk our divine path and attempt to fulfill our divine mission, he will protect us and bring us what we need to achieve it. The problem is that many of us do not walk our divine path and have absolutely no idea that we have been assigned a divine mission let alone be on our way to achieving it. It is also true that before we came here we chose certain experiences that we will have, these experiences could be negative and may cause us pain. In this case Maheo has told me that if you are on your divine path you will not have to go through that experience even though we chose to. As long as we are actively seeking to achieve our mission we will be protected in whatever way is necessary in order to help us along our way. We each have a Guardian Angel and this being will step in when we need them to in order that we remain able to complete our divine mission.

We are also protected through the law of attraction which states that what we project into the universe will be brought back to us. This means that if we have a negative outlook of ourselves and our future then negative people and experiences will come to us. On the other hand if we have a more positive perception of life as we would if we were on our divine path then we will find positive experience as we move forward in life. This is way the world works and for better or for worse it has been like this since humanity was first born.

It is not easy to remain positive when your life is falling apart around you but even if we try the universe will respond in a positive way. I did a tarot reading for a friend the other day and the main message that Maheo had for everyone, not just for her, was this:

Stop complaining, stop over analysing, choose what you want in your life and then work out how to make it happen and if you can move forward toward that goal even just a little every day, we, the universe will work with you to make sure that you get to where you want to be, so that you have what you want in life and so you can truly have the life you have always dreamed of. This is way of things, so pick yourself up and keep moving forward, we are with you and always will be.

This is the most important message that Maheo can give, it is up to us to help ourselves and create not only the life we want but also the world we want to live in. I wrote Reconnecting to the Divine so that people could read this message and learn how to be more positive and bring about a more enjoyable and safer future for themselves, if I have helped even one person achieve this then my time has not been wasted and the book will have been a success. I hope that this book and others like it reach as many people as possible so we can all know the truth about our purpose here in this life.

Reconnecting to the Divine

So if you are interested in reading more about my understanding of the spiritual realm, our purpose here and about how to communicate with your spirit guides them by all means head on over to amazon and have a look at the book. While you are thinking about it click the link on the right and enjoy a free tarot reading using the Rider Waite tarot deck in the Celtic Cross spread, whatever you choose to do thank you for visiting my website.

Free Tarot reading

Tarot gives us the ability to gain insights into our future and even our past through a form of communication with spirit. We ask a question and then through the cards we access an understanding of the advice and guidance that Maheo and our guides offer us. I enjoy giving readings for myself and my friends and I explain the basics of it in my book. If you aim to develop your spiritual awareness then I would recommend learning tarot as a further means of communicating with Maheo.