I enjoy creating whatever my imagination can come up with, it is something that I have done all my life. This is however the first time I have tried to make a career out of it so I am in uncharted waters right now. But as I move forward and as the collection of things that I create grows I feel more and more confident that I will be successful. As I say I am at the early stages now of my journey so there might not be too much on this page right now but whatever is here, have a look and if you like what you see then please consider making a purchase. I will be eternally grateful for your help.

My spiritual journey started when I was very young but it is only in recent years that I have found a way to truly connect with spirit. In this, my first book I explain the process of talking to your spirit guides, the archangels and Maheo but more importantly is how to receive their responses. If you believe, as I do then give this book a try and see if it sparks something in you that you enjoy.

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I am slowly building up my site and eventually I should have quite a lot of stuff in this section, so far, however all I have added is a little digital art that I created a while back. The zip file includes the associated Photoshop file I used to create them. If you're into that sort of stuff then by all means download them and use them as you see fit.

Download - 7,501 KB

Download - 9,035 KB

Download - 7,501 KB

Download - 17,375 KB

Download - 2, 712 KB

Download - 6,270 KB

Soldier of Fortune II Maps

I used to play SoF2 on the PC with my friends back in the day, we had a clan. We were the Fathers, I was Father Jack. We really were quite good and I really enjoyed my time round at my mates having a LAN party on a Friday night. Anyway I created two maps for SoF2 in GTKRadiant, here they are should you want to give them a shot.

The Father's Secret Base

Download the map here - 9.54MB

City of the Fathers

Download the map here - 11.3MB