Gamma Ray Burst

Patreon allows fans of creative people to help them continue with their creative endeavours by donating monthly. By making this pledge the creator in question can continue to create the content that their fans want to see. If you like my content and if you would like to help me produce more then Patreon could possibly be away that you can achieve this. Click the link to the right, have a look around and see what you think. If you do decide to make the pledge then know that I am eternally grateful for your help. Thanks.

MakerSupport is a new and upcoming creator support site that is very similar to Patreon. There have been instances in which Patreon has canceled certain creators accounts for questionable reasons. Due to this I have created an account at MakerSupport which stands explicitly for free speech something that is vitally important for any society that considers itself free. If you want to donate to me and are concerned about the free speech issues with Patreon then perhaps MakerSupport would be a better option for you. As before I am eternally grateful for your help.

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If you are interested I intend to write a number of books, create games, videos, textures and such like that are on offer for a reasonable price. This offers you a way to support my work while getting something in return straight away. If you are interested in this then click the link to the right and have a look at whats on offer. As time goes by more and more stuff will be available and you never know you might actually find something you like. Again, I am extremely grateful for you help and I hope your enjoy your purchase. Thanks.